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The news from afar, XIMIVOGUE store opened in Thailand performance over 70 thousand

Since the beginning of the global layout of XIMIVOGUE, it has attracted the attention of many people. Many people who have the intention to open a fast fashion department store come from afar, only for the deep cooperation with Xi Mei products. Up to now, more than 30 countries in the world already have XIMIVOGUE store. We bring favorite commodities to more than one million people every day and deliver the pleasure of shopping to them.
What’s even more surprising is that, at present, every store in the overseas of XIMIVOGUE, the performance is very good. It also led directly more people to understand XIMIVOGUE. This is the opportunity for the development and growth of XIMIVOGUE, and also the key time for the growth of XIMIVOGUE. The good news is from the Thailand store, there are more than 70000 performance on the opening day.
The store is located in a shopping mall in the city center of Thailand, Bangkok. Shopping malls are old, selling digital products as the main body, basically no competition. The best category of store sales is digital products, cosmetics, skin care and some daily necessities. Consumer groups are mainly tourists from all over the world. There are more hotels nearby, so the demand for daily necessities is too large. During the opening period, the Chengdu supervisor led the shop assistants to do both inside and outside activities, and the effect was remarkable. Because a lot of local residents are very interested in our products and the local goods in Thailand are very scarce, the demand for consumers is relatively large and the purchasing power is strong. Because the price is very cheap, consumers are bought a lot of goods at one time, which also directly leads to the very high unit price during the period of opening. According to the supervision, store business performance in the future compared with the opening day, the fluctuation is not big. XIMIVOGUE brings infinite business opportunities. So customers are also very confident to open more stores in Thailand and the second shop’s location have been selected.
The opening event was very successful. Because it is the first store, the area is relatively small, a lot of goods display is not open and stores doorway barrier more, so the store is not particularly conspicuous. The franchisee says it will improve in the next store and bring better service, more comfortable shopping experience to Thailand consumers. Apart from the opening activities, the supervisor also conducts the franchisees, store managers and shop assistants about relevant knowledge. Because the manager and the staff are Thai, there are language barriers, so the supervisor needs to communicate with the franchisee through the interpreter. Then, Later, franchisees transferred to employees gradually. Although there are some difficulties during this period, it’s only a small thing for XIMIVOGUE family. I believe that through the joint efforts of all the families, Thailand shop business will become more and more exuberant and the quality of the store will also become higher and higher
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