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Globalization Strategy Starts Again, XIMIVOGUE Settled in Dubai

Recently, Chinese well-known fast fashion department store XIMIVOGUE global expansion gain another record, XIMIVOGUE officially entered Dubai. The geographical location is very superior, Dubai burjuman shopping center store was officially opened which also means that consumers will be able to see the beauty of XIMIVOGUE in Dubai in the future.Dubai is one of the global international financial centers. With its excellent geographical location and free and stable economic policy, Dubai is amazed at its high-speed development, its planning and efforts are an important factor in Dubai’s significant development.


The Franchisee is also see the good prospects for economic development in Dubai, so he seize this opportunity without hesitation to let XIMIVOGUE settled in Dubai decisively. We believe that with its steady economic development, consumers are very welcoming to the fast fashion department store brand in Dubai, and the performance miracle that was created at the period of opening. It also proves that it is a wise choice for franchisee.

Stores located in the shopping malls with a prosperous geography, not only gathered the high consumer products, but also low consumption products are active among them. Although there is a certain competition in the mall, the advantages of superior location, high flow as well as high quality brand and excellent service of XIMIVOGUE. so the XIMIVOGUE store become a popular leader of the crowd in the entire mall. Franchisee also said that they will take its advantage of this market demand in Dubai, focus on planning more stores to be settled in Dubai next time.


XIMIVOGUE members will also pay close attention to the franchisee’s stores, through the XIMIVOGUE family’s efforts to help franchisees to solve the store in the process of creating a series of problems encountered, but also by strengthening the supervision’s training and patrol way, and concerned about the business of a store with franchisees as well as adjustment and improvement timely and appropriate in all aspects. I believe that after everyone’s efforts, the store will certainly set a miracle of another performance.

This time, XIMIVOGUE settled in the United Arab Emirates Dubai, which is deep plowing an important performance of international shopping malls. In the future, with the All – round Development of Globalization Strategy of XIMIVOGUE, it will stationed in more countries and regions , and to create fast fashion department store brand leading products for the more consumers of the world.

Since its inception, the company has opened several stores in various countries around the world, not only developing countries, but also popular in developed countries, which is sufficient to show that XIMIVOGUE will gain access to global consumers’ love and recognition gradually

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